About me tab

Content → Profile → About me

You must provide a first and last name. All other information is optional. You name is visible to other Folioz users. You may choose to have a Display name. You can change the information here at any time unless an administrator locked certain fields.

Profile: About me

Profile: about me

  1. First name: Your real given name
  2. Last name: You real last name
  3. Student ID: Fill it in if it is required
  4. Display name: The name by which you want to be known around Folioz. If you have a display name, your real name will not be visible to regular Folioz users. Only administrators can see your real name and your username at all times.
  5. Introduction: You can write about yourself. This text is placed onto your profile page automatically unless you take the introduction out of your profile page.
  6. Click the Save profile button to save your changes.

Contact information tab

Content → Profile → Contact information

You may wish to provide some of your contact information for later use in a page. All details you fill in here are only visible to other users when you put them into a page. Until then only you can see them.

Profile: Contact information

Profile: Contact information

  1. Provide as much or as little contact information as you wish to be able to use in your portfolio.
  2. Click the Save profile button to save your changes.

The email address with which you registered on Folioz is displayed. You can add other email addresses to your profile so that you can use them later on.

When you add a new email address, make sure that you do not only click the Add button next to the field where you enter your address, but also the Save profile button at the bottom of the page. Once you have added an email address, it needs to be verified. You will receive an email and need to follow the instructions to fully add your address to your Folioz account.



Content → Profile → Messaging

If you use instant messaging services, you may wish to provide the details here so you can use them in your portfolio later easily.

Profile: Messaging

Profile: Messaging

  1. Provide the usernames for as many messaging services as you wish to display in your portfolio.
  2. Click the Save profile button to save your changes.

General tab

Content → Profile → General

This tab is primarily for adult users who wish to use their portfolio in an employment context.

  1. If you wish to use information about your occupation and / or industry repeatedly in your portfolio, you may wish to consider filling in the information here. You can then easily pull that information into your portfolio pages.
  2. Click the Save profile button to save your changes.